Starbucks to Boost Booze Sales


Starbucks has decided to add beer and wine to its roster, but it’s unclear whether the spirits will be as overpriced and overrated as the chain’s coffee.

According to Bloomberg (via The Washington Post), at least 25 Starbucks stores will sell booze — as well as cheese plates and focaccia with olive oil (!) — by 2013.

The move comes as Starbucks is trying to remain relevant and profitable in the coming years, the newspaper reports. The chain has struggled to retain customers through the recession, though it has rebounded profitably after closing hundreds of cafés in 2008.

The new stores, which the paper notes will try and lure customers with food during non-coffee-drinking hours — such as dinnertime — will be in Chicago, Atlanta, and Southern California.

Right now, several Starbucks in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle sell alcohol.