The Almond Croissant at La Maison du Macaron: Even Better than the Macarons


La Maison du Macaron is best known for its colorful assortment of macarons. You’ll find the dainty, almondy cookie in such classic offerings as cassis, raspberry, and pistachio, but also in newfangled and seasonal flavors like maple milk chocolate, chestnut, and apple cider. It’s hard not to order the macarons once you’re in the shop, but a recent breakfast of their almond croissant has changed our allegiance for good. Farewell, macarons. The flaky, buttery pastry is where it’s at.

A layer of frangipane (almond custard) fills the croissant, which is then dusted with sugar and sprinkled with flaked almonds. Unlike a regular croissant (which should be noted are also excellent at La Maison du Macaron), the almond version is somewhat flattened and much more dense. The main problem with almond croissants at other French pastry shops around town is that they’re invariably soggy. Either too much filling was added or not enough butter (quel sacrilege!) and the whole shebang becomes a floppy, heavy mess. Here, however, the $4 pastry is super-light and flaky, with a perfect balance of filling-to-exterior ratio — and it just so happens to be gigantic. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best versions we’ve sampled in the city — in our opinion, good enough for the store to call itself La Maison du Croissant aux Amandes. Just saying.