Year of the Takeout: Day 23


Chicken With Black Bean Sauce from Hot Kitchen (104 Second Avenue, 212-228-3090)

This dish normally costs around five bucks a pint at your run-of-the-mill takeout joint. Hot Kitchen’s version costs significantly more. How much would you pay for this?

(Note: Year of the Takeout will make sure all comments on this and other entries are responded to tomorrow, and cookbooks will be sent to the lucky winners. Commenting duties have lapsed as other tasks have been a taken on, and we’re sorry, but we still heart you. For reals!)

Let us know your eyeball estimate below. Winner gets a misfortunate cookie — something that probably exists on the novelty market, but whatever. Or maybe the winner gets nothing. Who knows? Anyway, let us know what you think this plate might be worth … we’ll tell you our opinion tomorrow.