New York Pols Respond to Obama’s State of the Union


Hooray for Obama! Just keep your promises! That seemed to be the message that tied together several electeds’ obligatory response statements to the president’s State of the Union on Tuesday.

After his speech ended, Runnin’ Scared’s inbox was flooded with reactions from local pols. So we gathered a few that might be of interest to you.

Sen. Chuck Schumer — who we saw appeared on screen several times last night! — kept it short and sweet.

“The president’s laser-like focus on jobs, the economy, and helping the average middle class family pay the bills is much needed, much called for, and the right thing, both substantively and politically,” his statement read.

In case you missed it, Obama’s speech, among many topics, focused on addressing economic inequalities, targeting banks, and — surprise — creating jobs!

Schumer’s colleague Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also sent out a response last night that was a little more substantive (read: more wordy).

She echoed Obama’s message to stop politics from getting in the way of fixing the economy.

“Our economy can’t afford another year of governing through brinkmanship that we’ve seen too much of from this Congress. We need to set our politics aside, and find the common core values we can agree on to create jobs and set economic opportunity for the middle class in motion – by giving everyone a fair chance to succeed, rewarding hard work, and investing in ‘Made In America’ again,” her statement read.

New York has all the ingredients for a thriving economy, and all “we’re lacking is the political will to unleash all of its potential,” she said.

In response to Obama’s call for a bill that bans insider training, she added: “Tonight we’re seeing his leadership again by urging Congress to play by the exact same rules as everyone else in America by making insider trading on Capitol Hill clearly and expressly illegal by passing the bipartisan STOCK Act I’ve been fighting for.”

Finally, we heard from Mayor Mike Bloomberg, or rather the Partnership for a New American Economy, a national bipartisan group of more than 400 business leaders and mayors focused on immigration reform.

In response to Obama’s call for comprehensive immigration reform, where he talked about students being threatened by deportation, the partnership sent out this statement — which got to us via the mayor’s office:

“If enacted, the immigration reforms the President outlined tonight would create new American jobs and boost our economy. Reforms that keep foreign-born entrepreneurs and highly-skilled students here are no-cost ways to spur economic growth, increase business investments in the U.S. and create American jobs. Leaders in Washington need to put their differences aside and pass immigration reforms that will help create jobs now.”