Pablo Ziegler & Maya Beiser


Canyengue tango sprang up from the streets of Buenos Aires in the 1930s, a cheek-to-cheek escape from the hardships of life in the slums. Moving forward, it evolved in two directions: on the one hand, toward the exaggerated head snap and rose-in-mouth kitsch of Hernando’s Hideaway, and on the other, the complex polyrhythmic sensuality of Piazzolla’s nuevo tango. Pianist Pablo Zeigler, a longtime Piazzolla collaborator, brings the sultry flair of the pampas to the concert hall, doing a jazz-inflected dance with cellist Maya Beiser, who grew up on an Argentine kibbutz in Israel, surrounded by gaucho nostalgia and that singular yearning to return home that defines the form.

Wed., Feb. 1, 7:30 p.m., 2012