This Week in the Voice: Victoria Jackson, Tea Party Princess


This week in the Voice, out today: Gus Garcia-Roberts profiles Victoria Jackson, chronicling how the former Saturday Night Live star became a Tea Party darling: “Her comedy career, which took her from Johnny Carson’s stage in Los Angeles to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, long ago squeaked its last breath. These days, she’s a Miami-area suburban grandmother and wife of a buff local cop with a Bad Boys-esque career full of shoot-outs and commendations. And to some Christian conservatives, she is a seer of truth.”

Robert Sietsema reviews a big mash-up in Brighton Beach at Elza Fancy Foods, an Uzbek-Korean-Russian eatery: “Among the Korean offerings, the spice level has been downgraded and the dishes diddled with, while most Russian and Uzbeki standards are delivered more or less intact…Much of the Uzbekistani stuff will already be familiar, including some of the best manti dumplings you’ve ever bit into.”

Nick Pinkerton takes a look at Lionel Rogosin’s Come Back, Africa, and finds that the film’s account of apartheid in the late 1950s skillfully captures: “the transition in South African life from a decade that Anthony Sampson, editor of the legendary monthly Drum, called “a unique period of opportunity and creativity”–and organized resistance.”

Christian Viveros-Faune makes some educated guesses about the future of the art world — and vandalizing cop cars might be in the cards(!): “There are periods that appear so mixed-up, so perplexingly frustrating and hopeful, that trying to get a jump on events seems only reasonable. This coming year, I would argue, is one of those vexing crossroads.”

Michael Feingold doesn’t initially have high hopes for Kevin Spacey’s role in Sam Mendes’s adaption of Richard III, but winds up rather enjoying the production at BAM: “You leave feeling that you’ve seen Shakespeare’s play brought to animate life, and that both director and star have conveyed all they can about its meaning for our time.”

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