This Year’s Oscar Movies Are Not Big Money Makers At All!

by reports that of the nine Best Picture nominees, only one — The Help — has made over $100 million.

In second and third place are Moneyball and War Horse, with over $70 million, and while everyone’s too polite to say this because they love Martin Scorsese, Hugo has only made $55.97 million so far, which is mere pocket change compared to what it cost!

And Hugo got the most nominations of all (11)!

And the Oscar front-runner — The Artist — weighs in at $12.4 million and counting.

The Oscar race is turning into an obscure affair for effetes and sophisticates!

Of course, there are two arguments that will ease us out of any potential pain here:

(1) The nominations are already bumping the box office for these movies. Being an art-house, critical hit can take you to the level of commerciality when you’re recognized by a glitz machine such as Oscar.

(2) The Oscars are allegedly design to honor the best of the year, not what made the most money. You can argue that the Academy is disconnected from what the public likes, but they’re supposed to be — or Twilight would win Best Picture every year!

So chill, everybody. And if you’re that upset by this trend, just pay to see the movies and you’ll be helping them along.

Don’t want to? Didn’t think so.