Year of the Takeout: Day 24


Shrimp With Curry Sauce from China Gourmet (877 Eighth Avenue, 212-246-8181)

This project is starting to make eating feel like Groundhog Day.

Unfortunately, Andie MacDowell isn’t around to slap me.

But I suppose that’s not much of a review.

So … yes. Review: This $5.75 pick/plate/offering/dish features something and something, with something else and hints of yet something entirely different altogether. Literary/filmic allusion TK.

(OK, sticklers. Here it really is: So you know, the scant shrimp are just fine, as are the powdery curry sauce and onion nest cradling the concoction.)

Ah. Perhaps this is the critical angle. The whole meat-vegetable-sauce, meat-vegetable-sauce, meat-vegetable-sauce routine starts to grate on your palate after several weeks. But is it the fault of the kind of food sampled in Year of the Takeout, or simply a result of the frequency?

Tell me what you think. Would I be going this bonkers if, say, the experiment involved Polish food or burritos or omelets?