Australia Day: Where to Party


Today is Australia Day. The day when our buddies down under get off of work in order to eat, drink, and attend public celebrations like concerts and festivals. Unfortunately, unlike, Cinco de Mayo or Bastille Day, it’s a holiday that Americans rarely piggy-back on turning a traditional soiree into a chance to dress silly and get drunk.

If you are an expat, koala, or lover of all things Australian, there
are a few things that you can do to commemorate the occasion. According
to Grub Street, West Village Betel Bar & Kitchen, LES Bondi Road, and all Sunburnt Cow and Calf locations are running specials. Or, maybe take this time to check out newbie pie purveyor Pie Face, whose mini-pies are, although salty, pretty darn tasty. Grab a drink at Mulberry Street’s Eight Mile Creek, or a few at the Greenwich Village Kingswood. Then sober
up with more meat pies. Tuck Shop’s East Village location is open until
2 a.m. for all of your Australia Day needs.