Demi Moore Was Doing “Whip-Its”!


After the very public breakup of her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has checked herself into a hospital for exhaustion, which is understandable.

Divorce can be so tiring, which is why I’m not getting married anytime soon.

But now a source says Demi was actually suffering seizures.

And I know how that is, too.

You feel like you’re falling down 100 fights of stairs and flop around into horrid unconsciousness.

You definitely need treatment for that, to minimize the flop factor.

But now TMZ quotes a source saying that the reason Demi had a seizure is because she was doing a “whip-it,” which involves inhaling nitrous oxide for a cheap thrill!

I had no idea Demi was so cool! And crazy!

Demi, act your age and just stick to energy drinks!

Whatever the case, she had to drop out of one of two movies being made about porn star Linda Lovelace — no, she didn’t play the lead — in order to take care of her needs.

We wish her well — Demi has been a very good star for a long time now.

Meanwhile, Ashton was last seen … partying.