Hispanic Man Killed and Eaten


Today in El Diario, that newspaper at your bodega you always wondered about…

A man killed and ate the eyeball and part of the brain of a Hipsanic man from Connecticut, the Spanish-language daily reports.

Police arrested Tyree Lincoln Smith, 35, on Tuesday night El Diario reports. They say that Smith, of Florida, killed Angel L. Gonzalez with an axe Dec. 15, then left his body on the third floor of an abandoned apartment house in Bridgeport, Conn.

Smith’s cousin told reporters that he showed up to her house in Connecticut on that fateful day, saying that he wanted to “have blood on his hands,” the tabloid notes.

She said that he returned Dec. 16, covered in blood.

She and Smith’s mother later called the police, saying that they should check out the abandoned building. Authorities discovered Gonzalez’s body Friday. Smith took a bus to Florida this same day.

Law enforcement authorities say that Smith met Gonzalez at the apartment building. Gonzalez asked Smith inside, worried that Smith might get sick if he slept outside.

Police say that Smith hacked Gonzalez to death, then ate his eye and part of his brain in a nearby cemetery.

They say that Smith admitted over the phone to having been in Gonzalez’s squat and seen the body, the paper notes.