New York Socialists: Barack Obama Is Not a Socialist


In the capricious, confusing, volatile world of contemporary American politics, at least one thing can be counted on these days: for better or for worse, a lot of people still think Barack Obama is a socialist.

So you might wonder what socialists think about Obama.

If the official reaction to Obama’s State of the Union is any indication, it looks like the main group of American socialists isn’t merely jaded by the prez’ positions — as are New York’s liberals and progressives.

Rather, they kinda think that Obama is as bad as the worst capitalist pigs.

In a statement published in the Socialist Party NYC website today, Stewart Alexander — 2012 Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate — said that the first thing that came to mind post-SOTU is the phrase “too little, too late.”

“After spending the last few years coddling the banks and the richest 1%, Obama has the nerve to now call for ‘economic fairness.’ To him, this means tweaking payroll taxes and making a rhetorical call to reverse the Bush tax cuts for the rich,” he wrote.

“For working people in America real fairness means the right to a job, a guarantee of healthcare for all and an end to the Military Industrial Complex. Obama won’t deliver this. That’s why I am running for President against him”


There’s more:

In a democratic socialist society neither Obama nor Romney would be allowed to pay an effective tax rate of 26% and 17% respectively. Corporate taxation, financial gains taxes and personal income taxes will be modernized – all loopholes will be closed and the rich will pay a steep tax on their income. This is what economic fairness looks like to a socialist.

If Obama’s proposals for “Economic Fairness” are hard to believe, his attempt to present his Presidency as one of peace is simply a farce. The hands of the Obama administration are dripping with blood. He has approved a brutal Drone war on the people of Pakistan that has resulted in massive civilian casualties. He has accelerated the war in Afghanistan, which has increased casualties among soldiers and terrorized the civilian population driving them into the political arms of the Taliban. And Obama has continued to take an aggressive political stance on Iran thereby moving the country closer to another war.

Well, there you have it: Obama is not just hated by the far right, but also the far left. But hey, at least he has some sympathetic pols to cheer him on in New York.