Ditch Plains Chef Marc Murphy on Wooing With Food: Interview Part 2


Yesterday we spoke with Landmarc and Ditch Plains chef Marc Murphy about what it’s like being a judge on Chopped. Today romance is in the air as we look ahead toward Valentine’s Day and Marc reveals to Fork in the Road what he’d cook to woo someone.

I just learned that you’re auctioning off a home-cooked dinner for Valentine’s Day. What are you making?

Yeah, I do a lot with charity. I’m part of the task force for Share Our Strength to end childhood hunger by 2015. We really want to raise awareness about hunger. I’m also on the board of City Harvest and try to raise as much money and awareness about food programs. This auction is supporting that. I think the bid’s at $5,000 now.

So do you know what you’ll cook for the winners?

Not yet. I’ll be asking them what their preferences are.

What would your ideal Valentine’s Day dish be?

If it’s just for two people, I like to do something for two, like roasting a chicken or a duck or making a fish in salt crust. Something like that.

What was the first dish you ever made to woo someone?

I don’t know. Probably carbonara.

And speaking of romance, you work with your wife. Do you interact together a lot during the day?

It’s very collaborative. She does more of the printed material and I focus more food. But we collaborate.

Who does the cooking when you’re home?

It’s a little bit of both.

What knives do you use in the kitchen?

I don’t know the names of them. I don’t use fancy expensive knives.

What tools do you use all the time in the kitchen? Are there any underappreciated tools?

First, everyone should have a spice mill or coffee grinder to grind pepper. I do that and mix it with salt so it’s ready to go. Also, a Japanese mandolin, which I use all the time to slice garlic.