Gonzales-Alvarez Found Guilty in Fatal Stabbing of Bar’s Security Guard


The District Attorney’s office has announced a guilty verdict in the trial of Jonathan Gonzales-Alvarez, who fatally stabbed a security guard in October 2009.

The crime occurred in a bar called La Casa del Mofongo in Washington Heights. The bar was hosting a karaoke and dance contest, and Gonzales-Alvarez became angry in part because there were men dancing on the stage in addition to women. After becoming rowdy Gonzales-Alvarez was asked to quiet down, and in response, he pulled out a switchblade and stabbed the bar’s security guard, Arsene Epouta, multiple times.

“A father of two young boys lost his life merely because he asked the defendant to quiet down at a bar,” said District Attorney Cyrus Vance about the trial.

The jury found Gonzales-Alvarez guilty on both indited charges, including murder in the second degree and gang assault in the first degree. Sentencing will occur on February 15.