So WTF Are MTA and Transport Workers Union Contract Negotiations, Anyway?


Despite the rumors mongered here and here, contract negotiations between the MTA and the employees’ union are actually just going fine, thank you very much. And, no: There probably won’t be a strike of bus or subway workers, so you will have to go to work with that awful hangover. (The one you have every day, like you do right now, you drunk.)

Anyway, Runnin’ Scared wanted to get you up to speed on what’s happening with the negotiations — and what you need to know about ’em.

We just got some deets from Jim Gannon, Transport Workers Union Local 100 spokesman. (The MTA couldn’t talk to us about negotiations, a spokesman told Runnin’ Scared, but we tried).

Who is negotiating and why?

The MTA and the Union are in talks because the TWU wants workers to get inflation-based raises and keep health benefits without out-of-pocket payments.

So what’s up with bargaining now?

After some of the rumors about strikes Jan. 19, meetings haven’t taken place. But both sides are still talking, and will probably have a rendez-vous next week.

What’s happened so far?

So far, the MTA and the Union have come to a few agreements on female restrooms and training.

How did the negotiations start?

The Union gave the MTA the proposals Nov. 15. The MTA responded Jan. 9, which is when bargaining really took off.

What’s the deal with the strike?

Very unlikely. The Union board decided in November not to put a deadline on negotiation, to “take the drama out of the situation,” so there’s not really that kind of pressure.