Texts Could Be Key in Greg Kelly Rape Investigation


Investigators handling the rape accusations against the Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s son, Greg Kelly, told the Daily News on Thursday that records of texts between Greg Kelly and his accuser could determine whether he gets charged. Greg Kelly’s lawyers believe that the records will show that his encounter with the woman was consensual.

The texts show that Greg Kelly and his accuser continued to correspond with each other for some time after the Oct. 8 incident, with mention of “doing it again.” Several weeks later, the woman called Kelly to demand an explanation for what happened that night, after she learned that she was pregnant, sources told the paper.

The District Attorney’s office is investigating Greg Kelly, a popular news anchor on Fox 5, to avoid a conflict of interest with the NYPD. He is accused of raping a woman in her office at a Lower Manhattan Law firm last October, but has not been indicted.

Greg Kelly’s lawyer referred Runnin’ Scared to the PR firm Sunshine Sachs, which has not yet returned our request for comment. We will update if we hear back.