The Gories’ Mick Collins Counts Down His Favorite Reunion Shows, The Best Gory Flicks, And More


High up in the pantheon of bands that didn’t get their due until now, the Gories spent the dead end of the college rock ’80s and the birth of alternative rock early ’90s in Detroit playing neither, instead opting for an amazingly feral pound-down of ’50s booze-blues and ’60s garage rock that made the Cramps look positively polished. Three great albums, a slew of singles, and the distinction of basically revving the Detroit scene back up again gave them serious cult status before they called it a day in 1992. All three went on to continue making fine music, with singer Mick Collins whipping up the most attention via his still-going-strong Dirtbombs. Once the White Stripes and Hives started dropping the Gories’ name all over, and it was later apparent—via new era trash-rock labels like Goner, HoZac, and Slovenly and bands like the Black Lips, King Khan BBQ, Davila 666, and Dum Dum Girls—that the Gories’ influence was as strong as ever, the band started doing some reunion gigs. They’re in town this weekend for two such soirées, so we asked Mr. Collins, who now lives in Prospect Heights, to chime in with some fave raves.

Top Five Gories reunion gigs
5. Detroit, 2009
4. Amsterdam, 2010
3. Kortrijk, Belgium, 2010
2. Cleveland, 2010
1. Gonerfest, 2011

Five Gories Songs The Band Will Never Play Live Again
So far, there hasn’t been anything we’ve dismissed out of hand. Anything we haven’t played by now is just because we can’t remember how it goes.

Top Five Differences Between Living in Detroit and Brooklyn
5. Detroit has a lot more living space.
4. Grass and trees are hard to come by in Brooklyn.
3. You don’t need a car in Brooklyn.
2. Stuff is open all night in Brooklyn.
1. The cost of living is ten times higher in Brooklyn.

The Gories Top Five Favorite Gory Horror Movies
Dr. Giggles
Dressed To Kill
Dog Soldiers
The Howling (not very gory, but delivers the goods)
Dementia 13

When is that Dirtbombs bubblegum album coming out already??!!
This year. I’m recording it now.

The Gories play at Maxwell’s tonight and at the Bell House tomorrow.