Toddlers & Tiaras Mom Sues Over Writeups Of 5-Year-Old’s “I’m Sexy…” Performance


Susanna Barrett is steaming mad.

Yes, she lets her daughter enter pageants and go on a reality show.

Sure, she didn’t stop her from singing along with “I’m Sexy and I Know It” for a charity event crowd at a nightclub.

(That’s the song by by LMFAO — you know, Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.)

But she didn’t like the write-ups the performance got in three media outlets (including TMZ and HuffPo), and she’s fighting back with a $30 million libel suit.

The outlets mistakenly said five-year-old Isabelle was “gyrating” and “singing about her sex appeal.”

She was simply sitting down.

“Isabelle didn’t understand the concept of sex,” says mom, “let alone sex appeal.”

The write-ups, she adds, “were false and vulgar,” and open Isabelle up to horrible sexualization and unfair dangers.

That would be terrible.

And they’ve apparently led to a loss of revenue.