New York Airports Are Good At Making People Late


It wasn’t too long ago we brought you the latest report on how New York’s airports suck. Well, today we have some more good news from the New York Times . The paper reports that the airspace that includes JFK, LaGuardia and Newark (as well as Jersey’s Teterboro Airport and Philadelphia International Airport) “accounted for nearly half of all delays in the nation” in the first half of 2011. Meanwhile, those airports were only responsible for 12 percent of domestic flights. Yikes.

The news might not come as a shock for you if you’ve even been stranded on a New York airport’s tarmacs, desperately searching through your carry-on for a half-melted mini-chocolate bar. That said, you should know that the cause of your misery is causing misery elsewhere. The Times reports that New York airports are to blame for delays at other airports in the country:

A third of all delays around the nation each year are caused, in some way, by the New York airports, according to the F.A.A. Or, as Paul McGraw, an operations expert with Airlines for America, the industry trade group, put it, “When New York sneezes, the rest of the national airspace catches a cold.”

Well, that just makes it seem almost too cute.