Occupy Oakland Protesters Arrested; Cain Endorses Gingrich; More Details In Greg Kelly Case


Chaos broke out in Oakland Saturday, after Occupy protesters tried to take over the vacant Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, in what they called “Move-in Day,” a plan to turn a vacant building “social center, convergence center and headquarters.” Hundreds of people were arrested, and three police officers were injured. (The New York Times and Reuters say the arrest count is around 200; The Associated Press via the New York Daily News says 300.) Police used tear gas and bean bag projectiles in the clash. Oakland wasn’t the only stage for Occupy protests, though. In Washington D.C. protesters rallied outside the Alfalfa Club dinner, where President Barack Obama was in attendance. Williamsburg had it’s own Occupy action last night as well. More on that later from Runnin’ Scared’s Leah Greenbaum. [NYT, Reuters, AP, ABC]

Republican race dropout Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich for president yesterday. “Speaker Gingrich is not afraid of bold ideas and I also know that Speaker Gingrich is running for president and going through this sausage grinder,” he said, according to CNN. “I know what this sausage grinder is all about. I know that he is going through this sausage grinder because he cares about the future of the United States of America.” [CNN]

Also in Republican presidential news, Rick Santorum’s 3-year-old daughter, who suffers from Trisomy 18, was hospitalized Saturday, prompting Santorum to cancel events planned Sunday morning for his campaign in Florida. A campaign spokesman told the New York Times he may return to Florida in time for events on his Sunday afternoon schedule. [NYT, AP via NYDN]

More this morning on Greg Kelly, the son of the police commissioner and Fox 5 anchor accused of rape. One “law-enforcement source” told the New York Post that the district attorney’s office will not rush a case dismissal. Meanwhile, the Daily News reports that Kelly hired Andrew Lankler, the lawyer who defended Bernie Madoff’s accountant among others. The paper also looks into a South Street Seaport bar that Kelly and his accuser visited before the alleged sexual assault. [NYP, NYDN]

A man carjacked a mother’s car Saturday in the Bronx with her 3-year-old son still in the backseat. The car and child were found with the child unharmed, however police are still searching for the suspect. [NBC NY]

The Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade & Festival is today starting at 11:30 a.m. [MSNBC]