Rupert Murdoch Answers Twitter Question About Getting A ‘Younger Woman’


More on the bizarre saga of Rupert Murdoch on Twitter. He has gone on the offensive for SOPA, he has, for a period of time, followed this blogger for some still unknown reason, and now he’s answering questions about snagging younger women. Screenshot after the jump.


Earlier this morning a Twitter user by the name “the Surfing Punter” asked both Murdoch and Donald Trump on Twitter if “looks & personality helped in anyway” when it came to getting a “younger woman.” Murdoch, who married wife Wendi Deng when he was 68 and she was 30, later responded “Of course!” Trump’s account as of press time had not been updated since Friday.

The Twitter page for the inquisitive “the Surfing Punter,” or @SurfingPunter, links to this website and features the following bio:

Australia, beach, beer, sport, travel, internet, surfing, business,foods,environment,animals, plants, festivals, markets, ocean and earth. family and friends

After he answered “the Surfing Punter,” Murdoch next tweeted:

Too bad the Wendi account was fake.