GO Burger Expands Offerings


What happens when you get a restaurant that tries to cater to every taste, trend, and diner who may or may not swing through? You get Upper East Side burger joint GO Burger. The Second Avenue spot and it’s roaming truck offshoot used to deal in meat patties. However, they’ve just announced a menu expansion that’s taking their concept to another level.

There are new burgers like a Mac and Cheeseburger (topped with a “disc of fried macaroni and cheese,” boasts the press release) and one titled Miso Hungry. While the former doesn’t sound too bad, it’s the latter that’s cringeworthy. Tempura onion rings? Soy mushrooms? Miso Russian dressing? Sure, individually none of those items sound so awful. But all together, on top of a burger? No thanks.

But at least those items have to do with ground meat. Should there be a place on the menu for Korean BBQ Short-Rib Tacos? And who goes to GO Burger for a French dip or tuna tartare? Or $21 branzino?

Stick to what you know, and do it well. Or change your name to GO American-Asian Fusion Grill.