Jonathan Toubin Speaks: “I Didn’t Know What Happened. I Didn’t Even Know What Year It Was.”


New York nightlife impresario Jonathan Toubin spoke with Rolling Stone over the weekend, the horrifying accident in Portland where he was hit by a taxi while sleeping in his hotel room. In the chat, he talks about waking up in the hospital and being unaware of what year it was, his recovery process—which involves getting his hands working again, because the scar tissue from the lacerated tendons impedes their movement—and the intense outpouring of support from the music community around the world, and his plans for eventually returning to the DJing world and his hectic schedule.

Perhaps the most gulp-inducing part is where Toubin talks about his current physical shape, some seven weeks after the accident occured—although he does have a bit of wit about the lingering effects of his accident:

What are some of the lingering effects of the accident?

I’m in the process of getting my hands working again as the lacerated tendons and resulting scar tissue prevent them from functioning properly. I’m also going to physical therapy as my pelvic fractures have caused complications in my walking and a lot of my bones (and their replacements) have made it difficult to move my arms and shoulders normally. Doctors assure me that with hard work and patience I will take care of all of these issues and be functional and able to return to NYC and work in a few months—and hopefully be fully recovered by the end of the year. I completely lost hearing in one ear and some of the other so I’ll also now need to go through life with a hearing aid. While every now and then there may be complications in my future due to all of the broken bones and damaged organs, I am lucky that, after an accident of that magnitude, not only did I survive but I didn’t get any brain or facial damage, I’m walking and talking, and, with a lot of work and time to heal, my life and body shouldn’t be all that different than it was before – except for the fact that I now have cooler scars than anybody I know….

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