Fake! DMV Clerk Clarence Jenkins Sold Drivers Licenses, Manhattan Prosecutor Alleges


Money can’t buy happiness — but it might buy you time behind the steering wheel if you’re a felon who has been kicked out of the U.S.

The Manhattan District Attorney says that Clarence Jenkins, a 56-year-old DMV clerk, sold three fraudulent drivers licenses to New Yorkers — including “at least one deported felon who illegally returned to the country.”

The D.A., which announced Jenkins’s indictment today, said that the ruse worked like this: Jenkins would process fake IDs from Puerto Rico — which he knew were bogus — and use them to issue valid New York drivers licenses.

(You can get a valid New York DL by showing the Department of Motor Vehicles your certification from other states or Puerto Rico.)

Sometime in 2009, Jenkins is said to have told the felon to go to his DMV branch — at 159 East 125th Street, in Spanish Harlem — wear a Yankees hat, sit in front of his window, and then “wait for a signal.”

The D.A. says the ex-con paid $3,500 and got a valid license in exchange. That same year, the D.A. claims, Jenkins pulled the same shenanigans with two more faux Puerto Rican licenses, charging $7,000 and $4,000 apiece.