Hot Chocolate Month Starts Tomorrow at City Bakery


Chocoholics, rejoice: The happiest time of the year is almost here! Sure, February might be a crap time of year for some people, namely those with seasonal affective disorder and all single people around the 14th, but for cocoa lovers, it means the return of City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Month.

Throughout this February (which has an extra bonus day of hot chocolate since it’s Leap Year, woot woot), the Union Square area bakery will be offering patrons a bounty of exotic flavors in addition to its signature hot chocolate. Look for options ranging from ginger hot chocolate (February 3) to Vietnamese cinnamon hot chocolate (February 8) to bourbon hot chocolate (February 10) to the intriguing-sounding ode-to-the-polar-bear hot chocolate, a buttery white cocoa confection (February 22). This year also marks the 20th year of celebrations, meaning there’s bound to be a whole lotta chocolate joy. Hope you’re not taking that New Year’s resolution to diet too seriously.