Maude Is Back, On The Antenna Channel!


Antenna is channel number 166 on my dial, but it’s well worth the nosebleed.

It’s a treasure trove of old TV gems that fills the void left by the rerun channels that have horrifyingly moved up to ’80s fare.

Antenna resurrects the salty days of the small-screen’s most arrestingly iconographic figures in their most shameless grandeur.

Not just Bea Arthur as that anything but tranquilizin’, right-on Maude — which in itself is a retro marvel — but also Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Jack Benny, Dennis the Menace, Burns and Allen, and so much more.

This will sound way more enticing if I leave out the fact that they also regularly show Three’s Company and Too Close for Comfort, so I’m not gonna mention that, OK?

Anyway, Antenna is worth it alone for the Hitchcock Presents with froggy-voiced Hermione Gingold as a nutty lady who is mistaken for a nanny arriving to do her duty, so she simply takes the job and causes all sorts of havoc.

And the one with Sydney Pollack (yes, that Sydney Pollack) as a camp counselor who messes with the sculptures of the kid from A Thousand Clowns, to eerie effect.

And did I mention the hunky shirtless guy in McHale’s Navy, starring Ernie Borgnine?

Put your Antenna on, people!

But why does no one show The Mary Tyler Moore Show anymore?

This is criminal!