Republican National Committee Calls Barack Obama ‘Awkward’ in New YouTube Smear


Barack Obama spent some time chatting with Joe and Jane six-packs in his Google+ Hangout yesterday afternoon, where he made clear that college is important (as long as you don’t pay to study the liberal arts) and that drone planes are totally BMFs.

During this exchange, a Texas woman mentioned her unemployed, college-educated, semiconductor-engineer husband, and wanted to know why Obama allowed the H1 work visa program — which helps foreigners! — when Amuricans couldn’t get jobs.

Obama said that engineering posts are, in fact, available in the U.S. and asked the woman to send him her husband’s C.V. (This was either a shameless ‘I’m-for-the-everyman’-P.R. stunt or the best resume boost EVER. Imagine this guy’s “references” page!)

Anyway, we weren’t surprised that Republicans shot back with a snide video — just that it took them so long. The clip, called “Interesting,” details “Obama’s awkward interaction” with this woman. More great verbiage from the GOP’s explanatory graf: “after hemming and hawing about the condition he thought the economy was in, it was revealed that Barack Obama’s view of the economy is in direct contrast to what everyday Americans are dealing with.”

Of note: around 1:04, the vid tries to call out Obama on his claim that semiconductor engineering jobs are available — and suggest that he’s out of touch with everyday Americans. However, the producers appear to cite an industry-wide stat — not a number specific to the engineers in that field. (If you happen to know what’s up with this, let us know in the comments.)