Anthony Weiner, Sexting Ex-Pol, Paid Private Eyes to Investigate Tallywacker Tweet


Anthony Weiner, the sext-loving, dick-pic tweeting, disgraced former congressman, used some $13,000 campaign money for damage control.

The Daily News says that Weiner paid private detectives to investigate the bogus claim that his Twitter account had been hacked, before he owned up to sending the porny photo and resigned.

The News, citing Federal Election Commission docs filed Tuesday, says that Weiner contacted T & M — “a firm loaded with former NYPD sleuths” — when he was still trying to deny allegations of steamy, extra-marital exchanges.

Alas, it turned out that Weiner was no match against these for-hire Dick Tracys — T & M soon realized that the ex-elected sent them on a B.S. assignment.