BREAKING: Facebook Files IPO, ‘Friending’ and ‘Liking’ Jokes Ensue


Facebook wants your money!

The social networking behemoth filed its initial public offering today, so now you will soon be able to spend time and cash on the site by becoming a stockholder. (It’s the American way!)

Facebook, which was birthed in a Harvard dorm some eight years ago, the New York Times reports, hopes to raise $5 billion with stock — and some say its potential value, $75-100 billion, could make it worth more than corporate giants such as Goldman Sachs and Ford Motors.

Of course, with Wednesday’s announcement came all the predictable giggles about Facebook “friending” Wall Street and “status updates.”

What remains unclear: Will Facebook’s entry into the financial big leagues will prompt it to address privacy concerns?

Betabeat reports on some early reactions to the IPO: Eduardo Saverin — who was the site’s CFO before his nasty ouster — broke the news via Facebook (duh) before founder Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker.

“What a ride!” Saverin said.

What resulted was an awkward this-is-so-sad-it’s-funny exchange, with one of Saverin’s “friends” commenting: “Didn’t Mark Zuckerberg axe you from the company early on? lol.”

Runnin’ Scared wants to know: Will this make Facebook business cards more valuable — or just more douchey?