Bushwick’s Party Xpo To Reopen as Renovated XPO 929


Party Xpo, an uncommonly resilient DIY space nestled under the J/M/Z tracks, has magically withstood two years of logistical hassles. After opening in January 2010 with a typically cantankerous Japanther benefit show, local law enforcement took notice of the place, paid a few visits, and the space wisely went dry. Then the site’s previous tenants–a party-supply store business whose still-lingering “Party Expo” signage inspired the spot’s name–not only demanded the current occupants remove the marquee (above), but change the venue’s name. The result was Party XPO.

Now, after enduring two tumultuous years of police raids, dry shows, and one especially memorable Wu-Tang video, the Bushwick storefront has evolved again–this time into a “beautiful and safe venue, bar, and practice studio” with actual bathrooms, a “smoking coffin” bar, and a (supposedly/hopefully) forthcoming liquor license. Plus, cats!

From an e-mail circulating sent by one of the space’s longtime organizers, Jonny Aquadora:

With countless all-nighters of construction, using mainly salvaged materials from our basement and Built It Green, we have turned this building into a beautiful and safe venue, bar, and practice studio. . . We are also happy to announce that we should have our Beer & Wine license in early February. We are now booking shows, movie nights, and art events every night of the week. Come by and check out the improvements on the space, the projector, five bathrooms, the smoking coffin bar, and all the good music coming your way.

XPO 929 (the number refers to the Broadway address) reopens in all its renovated glory tomorrow night, February 2; why don’t you go read the bill loudly yourself. Shows are booked into May, the Sabbath is designated “Silent Films & Sonic Boom Sundays,” and there’s also an open call for visual artists (filmmakers, VJs, etc.). The venue even has a spiffy new Web site.

At the moment, the place is still dry, but be assured “there will be an official reopening party as soon as the license comes through.” In the meantime, you can drink next door at Broomies, the old Bushwick Beauty Bar. Yeah, that’s gone too.