Madonna vs. Elton And Gaga: This Reminds Me Of Something


Feuds have made Madonna exciting again, from Elton John snarling at her at every swivel to Lady Gaga appropriating Madonna’s chord progression — not to mention her spotlight — in a “reductive” way.

And I’ve figured out what this all reminds me of!

Madge vs. Elton is very Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford.

I.e., two mature divas battling it out to the death with resentful swipes and jealousies without realizing they’re basically the same person (though in this case, Joan — I mean, John — has kept things more one-sided than most feuds tend to be).

And Madge vs. Gaga reeks of Bette Davis vs. Anne Baxter in All About Eve.

In other words, the aging prima donna getting usurped by the crafty little upstart the second the former turns her back to tend to her hydrangeas.

In both cases, Madonna is Bette Davis, and she’s playing the part to the hilt!

I pray she swivels out at the Super Bowl, looks at the camera, rolls her eyes, and says, “You know we’ve got rats in the cellar?”