NYPD Confiscates 800 Marijuana Plants From Bronx Apartment Building


Pot smokers of New York: Don’t be surprised if your supply goes dry in the next couple of days.

NYPD made a huge bust at 610 Morris Park Avenue in the Bronx yesterday afternoon, confiscating an estimated 800 marijuana plants and 1,000 pounds of pot from the building. Some of those plants were around seven feet in height.

From the outside, the apartment building looked like a normal brick-and-mortar site, the ground floor hosting a business called C&C Corp. However, neighboring residents told a reporter from the NY Daily News that they had long suspected something strange was going on in the building. They pointed to late-night pickups and deliveries, and a pungent smell of weed that had permeated the area for two years.

When cops finally showed up to raid the building, they found that there were no tenants living inside, and that three of the five floors had been set up as greenhouses for growing the ganja plants. The operation used as much electricity as an entire city block.