R. Kelly Goes Back To Basics With “Share My Love”


R. Kelly’s 2010 throwback album Love Letter was one of my favorite records of that year, full of romance and and aesthetics that grabbed from Sam Cooke, late-night smooth-jazz playlists. (“Taxi Cab,” in particular, is a corker.) His follow-up to Love Letter is reportedly going to be called Write Me Back; today the first single, the string-drenched “Share My Love,” hit the Internet, and if it’s any indication, the two albums are going to be of a sort of epistolary piece. “Share” does seem a bit tossed-off—Kells can seemingly make joyous, uptempo love songs as easily as I can toast my morning English muffin. But that is not a bad thing, because what the world needs now, etc., etc. Clip below.

I bet the dance parties on his cruise are going to be so much fun.

[HT Hannah Rad]