Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Foodie Significant Other


This just might be a good gift for your BF who refuses to wear an apron — and walks around at his own dinner party covered with tidbits of the food he just cooked …

Valentine’s Day — or, more accurately, St. Valentine’s Day, named after a whole slew of early Christian martyrs named Valentine — is coming at us like a steamroller and you’d better be prepared. It’s one of those candy holidays, to be sure, like Easter and Halloween, but rather than give a heart-shaped box of candy, why not be more creative?

… or perhaps he’d prefer something frillier, with a matching hot mitt.

The gifts depicted herein are available at Broadway Panhandler, but you can find similar stuff at Williams-Sonoma and Bed Bath & Beyond. And why give one of these gifts? They’re totally functional and semi-permanent, and will betoken your affection for a long time to come, long after a box of candy or expensive dinner out with an overpriced prix-fixe menu has been digested and forgotten.

How about a Bodun cordless water kettle? They boil water really, really fast.

Or, to provoke lust, a lip-shaped red trivet?

Just the thing for your loving locavore: a collapsible shopping bag shaped like a lipstick that fits in pocket or purse.

She’ll never have trouble finding this spatula in the drawer.

This toaster with extra-wide slots could become a favorite appliance.

If your lover is also a gadget-lover, why not gift these high-tech hot-pad substitutes?

These enamel loaf pans function equally well for banana bread or homemade pâté.

To celebrate the holiday, what could be better than cocktails at home with heart-shaped ice cubes?

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