Year of the Takeout Day 31: Yummy Dumpling


Broccoli & Eggplant in Garlic Sauce from Yummy Dumpling (174 Second Avenue, 646-963-9200)

Garlic sauce gets about as much play in Chinese takeout as the liquefied, soy-based salt lick that is brown gravy. However, Year of the Takeout‘s very serious and somber staff has a strange fascination with the peppy, peppery — and sometimes pink-hued — ingredient.

Yummy Dumpling’s approach wasn’t the best, but the $9.25 dish splendidly captured the buttery, playful richness of Chinese eggplant — and the bold, earthy aromas of broccoli. Overall, the selection felt like a success.

Also, out of sheer curiosity, YotT tried Yummy’s seaweed salad. (YotT knows: Seaweed salad isn’t a thing on takeout Chinese menus, but we wanted to try it anyway.)

Again, the app had the same briny sliminess of Riceton’s — the two really seemed indistinguishable. If anyone can suggest a place with good seaweed salad — not necessarily for YotT, just generally — let us know in the comments!