Zucchini Chips at Jack’s Wife Freda


While fried potatoes get top billing on most restaurant menus, zucchini fries have fallen into the background. For no good reason. Crisp and crunchy, with creamy sauces for dipping and vegetable bodies, the zucchini fry should be on more restaurant menus. Fortunately, it seems to be making a comeback.

Over in Williamsburg, Williams & Bailey is slinging zucchini fries, with ranch dipping sauce. Super-skinny with a crumbly coating, they’re the perfect matchup of bar snack and sophisticated side dish, even if they’re served in a plastic basket. (Sidenote: W&B also serves a formidable French dip.) But it’s the zucchini chips at Lafayette Street newcomer Jack’s Wife Freda that are seriously drool-worthy.

Coins of the fruit are coated and fried to a deep golden brown before being brought to the table. The smoked-paprika aioli takes the not-super-flavorful chips (they could use an extra sprinkle of salt) to another level. Utilize it.

Although it’s doubtful that the french-fry throne will be toppled anytime soon, the zucchini-fry hunt has definitely begun. Though it’s too soon to call it a trend, there’s a chance that it’ll happen any day now.