Donald Trump Backs Mitt Romney in 2012; America Engages in Collective Facepalm


He’s baaaack.

After throwing in the towel for his own bullshit-loaded, presidential race pre-campaigning that predictably amounted to NOTHING, Donald Trump has decided to endorse Mitt Romney’s bid in the 2012 election.

There had previously been rumors that Trump — the loud-mouthed, over-bronzed birther — would back Newt Gingrich, but he was apparently wooed by the Mormon millionaire after watching televised debates and “supports Romney’s stance on China, which has been a key issue” according to USA Today.

Thankfully, Trump’s opinion on the election probably won’t mean anything.

USA Today, admirably pulling no punches, notes: “Does it matter? A Fox News poll in September showed 62% of registered voters said Trump’s endorsement would make no difference in how they would vote in the election.”