Marilyn Monroe Was Blonde Down There Too


I found this thigh-opening tidbit in the immortal book Marilyn Monroe Confidential, by the screen legend’s maid, Lena Pepitone:

“For someone who didn’t like the tub, Marilyn spent an unusual amount of time in the bathroom.

“I often wondered what she could be doing in there for so long, especially since the mirrors in the bedroom were so much better for admiring herself, which she liked to do.

“One day, I found her perched on the toilet, legs up, performing an elaborate ceremony with a bottle of some chemical and two toothbrushes.

“She was bleaching her pubic hairs blonde.”

Genius! Unlike so many other filmmakers, Marilyn believed in continuity!

And I guess it was the kind of thing platinum starlets learned to do, to complete the illusion of their mystique from head to cameltoe.

Shelley Winters probably did the same thing — with 10 car dusters.