Mike Bloomberg to Donate $250,000 to Planned Parenthood After Susan G. Komen Cuts


This just in: Mike Bloomberg will match up to $250,000 in donations to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America so the group can continue breast screenings for poor women.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer foundation slashed $680,000 in screening grants to the Planned Parenthood — meaning 19 offices nationwide wouldn’t be able to provide low-income women lifesaving diagnostics.

The highly politicized move, prompted by pressure from right-to-life-groups, has resulted in hardcore backlash for Komen since its announcement Tuesday.

Many women who have volunteered or raised money on behalf of Komen have since spurned the organization, which is the largest breast cancer-advocacy group in the U.S.

Women’s health supporters have banded together to keep Planned Parenthood’s breast screening program afloat, and it looks like they have already almost donated the sum of the canceled grants.