Newt Gets A Key Endorsement! You’ll Gag!


As his chances seem to slide like a pig on a water flume, Newt Gingrich has nabbed a major, game-changing backer, according to insider speculation:

That all-important political force: Donald Trump.

And here’s what the kids at the bitchy have to say about that possibility:

“If his endorsement means anything, Obama should send him a thank you note.”

“Newt has Trump and Cain in his corner. Woo-hoo! Now he can’t lose. Snicker.”

“I figured Trump would endorse Romney, another wealthy businessman who thinks he knows how to do everything.”

“Newt’s a narcissistic bully and so is Trump.”

“Don’t underestimate his endorsement. This will hugely sway Ivanka’s vote in the New York Republican primary.”

“Who was the first and only major candidate to agree to the Trump debate? Newt. That’s why Trump is endorsing him. Trump holds grudges.”

“‘I need to get publicity for The Apprentice premiere, dammit!'”

But wait, CNN is reporting that Trump will actually back Mitt Romney.

Either way, Obama should send the thank-you note.