Paris Hilton Is Positively Brimming With Positivity!


Maybe it’s because she’s got some projects percolating.

Perhaps it’s because the hot air has burst out of Kim Kardashian‘s balloons.

But whatever the case, read Paris Hilton‘s tweets these days and you’ll be invigorated, uplifted, and quite possibly feel your teeth ache.

The sociable socialite is in love with life even more than I’m in love with my Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman DVD.

Here’s a bunch of recent chirpy tweets that prove she’s the new Mary Poppins:

“Loving my new handbag collection. Visit [link] for more styles!”

“Making magical music! Loves it!”

“Great day of meetings and so many new & exciting projects. Very happy and excited. :D”

“If your [sic] looking to buy a car, contact my car broker, Martin Wiener. He’s been working with my family & I for years. Great guy, great service!”

“Had an amazing fragrance campaign shoot today! Tony Duran is such an incredible photographer! Love working with him! So cool & talented! ;)”

“Fun magical night in the studio, now time for bed. Sweet dreams.”

“Just had the best Korean BBQ dinner, so delicious! Now time for voice lessons then studio”

“Busy day of business meetings. Feeling very proud and productive. Loving life!”

“Always loving and living life to the fullest”

“In the studio recording with my girl Taura Stinson. So excited for my new album. Love being in the studio.”

“Another amazing day of meetings. So many fun & exciting projects on the horizon! Loves it!:)”

And on and on, until Paris is enthusing about her sister’s merchandising and even Chick-fil-A.

Do you loves it?