Buffalo Chicken Wings for Super Bowl Sunday: Picture Recipe in 8 Easy Steps


1. Buy — Go to Western Beef or a similar discount supermarket and buy the biggest and cheapest tray of wings you can find. Remember that each wing makes two Buffalo wings.

2. Butcher — Locate the joint between the wing segments, and cut the wings with a sharp knife into three pieces. Discard the tip (on the right in the photo), and save the other two pieces. (For the frugal: You can use the tips to make chicken stock.)

3. Season — Shake salt and freshly ground black pepper over each winglet on both sides.

4. Fry — Cover the bottom of a nonstick pan with peanut oil, and fry the wings on both sides till they’re light to medium brown.

5. Drain — The winglets on paper towels or newspaper.

6. Mix — Equal amounts (you can eyeball it) of butter and Frank’s RedHot in another skillet.

7. Soak — The winglets for a few seconds, turning frequently, in the butter-hot sauce mixture.

8. Plate — The wings, and provide extra butter-hot sauce for dipping. Celery and bottled blue cheese dressing are optional.