Diane Von Furstenberg On Her “Violent Passion” With Barry Diller


I hope no one gets hurt!

But in the new Harper’s Bazaar, designer Diane von Furstenberg assures us that she and Barry Diller are the most sizzling couple since, I don’t know, Calvin and Kelly.

“It was real passion and completely unexpected on his side and my side,” swears Diane about their first pairing.

“It was very, very violent passion …”

So violent, perhaps, that they parted ways — though love eventually brought them back together as if in a fairy tale.

“Love is about the attraction,” she explains, “and then there’s the passion, and then there’s the complexity, and then there’s the partnership. It evolves.”

“Did he woo you?” asks the interviewer, seriously.

Nope, she says. “I wanted to be his friend. I thought he would be a good friend to have. But we were completely taken over by passion, and it was completely, utterly unexpected on both sides.

“He loves me so unbelievably unconditionally. When I left, I went with this guy and then another guy, and at the end Barry won me.”

You bitches can roll your eyeballs all you want, but Diane says in the same interview, “I never, ever lie. I hate lies. I don’t lie. I never will lie.”

So hush!

No, all right, bring it on. What say you? Jealous?