Giants Fans Like Bill Murray Are Classier Than Patriots Fans


It goes without saying that New York baseball fans are classier than those of New England — we see evidence of that every time the Yankees and Red Sox play, whether in New York or Boston. As the Super Bowl approaches, it should be just as obvious that New York football fans are classier than their northern counterparts.

Over the past few weeks, the Giants have picked up many celebrity endorsements from the weird to the hip, including Bill Murray on “David Letterman,” Viggo Mortensen (wearing his lucky New York Giants on “The Late Show” just before the victory over Green Bay in the NFC title game), and Jon Stewart (just about every night, though what warms our heart most is replaying his famous post-Super Bowl gloat in 2008) .

What clinches it for New York, though, is ultimate superstar David Cassidy, who reaffirmed his lifelong fanhood while arriving for an appearance last week on “The Colbert Report.”

Who do the Patriots have to counter these icons? Just Matt Damon showing off some borrowed bling in an interview with’s Rich Eisen. Impressive, Matt, but not so sweet as the two that Eli Manning will be wearing on his right hand around this time next week — all the sweeter because they came at the Patriots’ expense.