Madonna Surrounds Herself With Her Past, Football Players, And M.I.A. And Nicki Minaj In “Give Me All Your Luvin'”


The video for “Give Me All Your Lovin’,” the first single from Madonna’s MDNA, premiered in full this morning, and there is something vaguely… jeans-commercialish about the way the song sounds? I don’t know if it’s the stuttery beat or the electronically tweaked guitars accompanying Madge on the pre-chorus, or if it’s just that she’s singing most of the track in her way-airy head voice, but it all sounds very perfunctory, like it’s just waiting to be licensed for a spot advertising a juice cleanse or a cruise. Meanwhile, in the video, Madonna reaches back to the past a bit, crowdsurfing a slew of faceless football players in a way that evokes the clip for “Material Girl” and getting her ’90s pile-o’-curls on at a later point; Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. are relegated to cheerleader status for most of the video, only getting to wear outfits evoking the “Like A Virgin” ersatz-wedding-dress period for their brief, somewhat rote cameos. Watch below.

“Luvin'” will be performed on the Super Bowl this Sunday (hence the football players, ha ha) along with other chestnuts from the Madonna catalog. It’s probably too much to expect a “True Blue” drop-in, huh?