The Top 9 Things Overheard Outside Last Night’s Secret Skrillex Show


As you may have by now heard, last night, as part of his weeklong New York takeover, dubstep phenom Skrillex played a show so secret that even he didn’t know its whereabouts. Nevertheless, Voice nightlife correspondent Puja Patel managed to score an invite, one that required us to meet at another secret location and be taken by bus, blindfolded, to the other. Because Puja had another event to cover, she was ultimately told where to go (Work in Progress, the newish club under Greenhouse, as it turned out) and we attempted to work our way in at the door. In retrospect, this was a terrible idea. Still, though we never heard Skrillex drop the beat, we overheard enough ridiculous, cringeworthy, made-us-burst-out-laughing-right-there-on-the-sidewalk quotes to fill five of these blog posts. Here are some of the best that we remember.

Before getting into the list, we should note that we both intended to come away from the show with something more than another “lol people at Skrillex” post, but stranded by our press contact and unwilling to part with next month’s rent, this was all we were left with. For an actual report from one of these shows, keep your browsers here (and refresh constantly, we could use the hits), as Maura is heading to Roseland Ballroom to see what happens at tonight’s gig. She even has a ticket. If you can’t wait til then, go back and check out the essay on Skrillex and American rave that Tom Ewing contributed to December’s Voice Critic’s Roundtable.

“Let the girls through!”

Puja: Oh, hey, I’M A GIRL. Note to self: Next time you go to a secret Skrillex show, remember to bring your credentials and your gynecologist’s business card just in case they need confirmation on that end too.

Nick: And then he just kept saying it. And saying it. And saying it.

“I’m from Twitter.”

Puja: Oh word? Holler @ me.

Nick: The best part is that it was spoken to the bouncer with enough confidence (and by someone with prominent enough cheekbones) that it actually worked. For the record, “I’m from the Village Voice,” and “I’m from Spin” both flubbed.

Puja: Google me, dude.

Guy: “I’ll pay twenty-five hundred”
Bouncer: “For how many people?”
Guy: “Five”
Bouncer: “Five bottles, five people… I dunno, I’ll see if we can make it work.”

Puja: Do you think that includes tip?

Nick: I think that was tip.

Puja: And how much do you have to tip Skrillex for a song request?

Nick: I think you have to shave the side of your head, or the side of your firstborn child’s head every day until he or she reaches puberty. Or just have a parent who works at Goldman Sachs.

“Let the girls through!”

Nick: …And saying it. And saying it. And saying it…

To a guy standing on the sidewalk: “Oh you’re a male model, come on in.”

Nick: It’s important to note how casually this male model was standing on the sidewalk, and how out of his way the bouncer went to get him in the club. Do you think he recognized him from the J. Crew lookbook?

Puja: I personally loved his work for JCPenney’s Fall collection.

Nick: I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it’s great.

“Let the girls through!”

Nick: …And saying it. And Saying it. And saying it…

Spoken upon the arrival of the vehicle that brought the group from the first location: “It’s not even a party bus!”

Puja: “Where are the strippers? Why does it smell like Febreze? THERE AREN’T ANY COOKIES!”

Nick: I think thats the one that I’m going to incorporate most into my daily life. “Let’s take the B38.” “It’s not even a party bus!” Eventually it might mutate into “No party bus, no credibility,” at which point all my friends will stop being my friends.

Puja: I’ll still be your friend, Nick.

“Drew,” “Chace,” “Blake,” “Martha”

Puja: Oh, Chad Chadwick? There isn’t a list, but if there was one, you’d be on it.

“Let the girls through!”

Nick: …until I wanted to stab my ears with the spikes of stilleto heels. It might make for a good Skrillex sample, though, played right before he’s about to drop the beat.