MyBlockNYC Wants New Yorkers’ Loves And Hates For Valentine’s


Valentine’s Day can elicit strong emotions. For a holiday purporting to celebrate the sweetest of emotions, vitriol seems just as common as saccharine. MyBlockNYC, an interactive mapping website” that encourages users to post videos corresponding to certain NYC blocks, is hosting a Valentine’s Day contest that hopes New Yorkers share both their objects of adoration and revulsion with a camera. To enter the contest, competitors are supposed to ask New Yorkers what they love and hate and record and upload videos of the answers.

“We thought that asking people what they are loving right now is a little bit too simple and expected and doesn’t give as rich of a story of how New York is feeling right now,” MyBlockNYC co-founder Alex Kalman told Runnin’ Scared yesterday.

Once Valentine’s Day hits, the site will feature a map made up of the love and hate videos, Kalman said.

And of course, because it’s a contest, there are prizes for various achievements. For instance, the person who uploads the most “Love_Hate” videos gets an “I Heart NY” tee hand-drawn by logo creator Milton Glaser.

Let’s start placing bets on whether they will get a lot of “I hate Valentine’s Day” submissions. (Also, whether you read that phrase as hating the holiday or hating the movie Valentine’s Day is totally up to you.)

The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on February 12.