Year of the Takeout Day 34: Kam Sing


Thai Curry Bean Curd from Kam Sing (172 Grand Street, 718-782-7596)

So Kam Sing is very much the casual Cantonese joint Year of the Takeout has generally highlighted.

Now, when YotT walked in today, the plan was to get pan fried pork dumplings — something that’s everywhere, but that has yet to be written up in our culinary rundowns.

A few things stuck out on the menu, though — Kam Ling offers pork buns, which typically aren’t sold at this kind of eatery. The scallion pancake also intrigued, but what fascinated us the most was the Thai curry.

We wagered that this sauce — which can be paired with tofu, beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp — would probably be like the curries encountered at other YotT haunts — a powder-based yellow variety prepped with lots and lots of oil (that’s not altogether that Thai).

The $5 pint, however, was prepped with coconut milk — like at most Thai restaurants you see around the city — and had the vibe of a mild red curry. The veggies had a pleasant, buttery heat, but the plate could have used a bit more sauce (for the rice, at least).