Mayor Bloomberg On Meet The Press: Economy, Guns And Parades


Mayor Bloomberg appeared on a Super Bowl-themed Meet The Press segment this morning, and sounded off on topics like increasing taxes for the wealthy, his Mayors Against Illegal Guns Super Bowl ad and the potential for an Iraq War veterans’ parade in the city. Paired with Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels (representing Super Bowl’s home base) and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Patriots), Bloomberg (Giants, duh) took questions from David Gregory from the Super Bowl field in Indianapolis. We compiled some sound bites from the mayor.

On making the rich pay to reduce the deficit:
“Well, if you only raise taxes on the rich you don’t get that much money, the only ways you get $4 trillion, which is half of the deficit that we need to close, is if you make sure the Bush tax cuts go away for everybody.”

On “indifference” towards the issue of guns:
“You’d think that if a congresswoman got shot in the head that would have changed Congress’ views. I can tell you how to change it, just get Congress to come with me to the hospital when I’ve got to tell somebody that their son, or daughter, their spouse, their parent is not going to come home ever again.”

On if he opposes a parade in “New York City for Iraq War veterans:
No, I think it would be great, but the Pentagon has asked us to postpone any parade as long as we still have our soldiers in Iraq getting shot at and sadly killed. I think I’ll leave it up to the military experts and the Pentagon to decide when they think it’s appropriate and then New York will give them a parade like we’ve never done before to say thank you for everything they’ve done.”

Earlier on the program, Newt Gingrich explained that he is supporting the Giants. (Gingrich and his son-in-law have shares of Green Bay stock.They have “an obligation to honor the team that beat” them, he said.)