Anthony Smith, Michael Smith, and Melvin Peters Get Prison for Murder of Roy Huntley


Roy Huntley died at the hands of a gang of thugs during a grisly robbery-turned-slaying that took place on Sept. 28, 2008.

Michael Smith, Anthony Smith, and Melvin Peters roughed up the 24-year-old husband and father of two in 2050 Eighth Avenue, stealing his watch and other small property before dragging him outside, where Anthony then shot him in the head. Two other men are said to be involved in the crime.

Three and a half years later, these three cold-blooded killers have all landed sentences that could keep them locked up for the rest of their lives.

The Manhattan District Attorney announced Michael’s 20 years to life prison term today. He was convicted in December of second-degree murder but was just sentenced. Anthony pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in August 2010 and got a 20 years to life sentence. Peters was convicted of second-degree murder in May 2011 and got 45 years to life.

Huntley’s murder was carried out with an illegal gun.